Who We Are

Located in the luxurious 3737 Blvd Cremazie East complex in Montreal, Reno-Metrix provides high quality eco-sensitive construction and renovation services catered to residential, commercial and urban retail projects. Our core fundamental practices are well-versed in the details of each assignment from small to large scale projects at any given stage of construction.  

At Reno-Metrix exceeding our client’s expectation without any compromise is what we do best!

Areas Of Expertise

residential, commercial and urbain retail RENOVATION

Reno-Metrix specialises in the field of residential, commercial and urbain retail renovation and construction projects. We offer unique and innovative ideas by working closely with our clients to come up with ambitious yet affordable and often eco-sensitive renovation ideas that reflect their particular taste and demands.


  • Commercial renovation, remodeling and leasehold improvements: Demolition, drywall, open ceiling concepts, acoustic ceilings, interior space planning and millwork. 
  • General contracting services for residential, commercial and office retail projects
  • Complete Home renovations 
  • Exterior coverings, concrete and brick work for residential and commercial projects
  • Home additions and expansion
  • Kitchen design and remodeling
  • Bathroom design and remodeling
  • Commercial and residential Painting
  • Heritage and ancestral home upgrades and restauration 
  • Flip

Project Management

At Reno-Metrix we believe that a renovation project should be a pleasant and exciting experience no matter the size or scope of the work. To alleviate the stress of poor-quality work, overspending, delays, we offer integrated project Management solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. We can oversee every step of our client’s construction project from start to finish and ensure that we exceed industry’s standard of work.


  • Commercial and residential construction  management  
  • Capital planning and execution
  • Construction and portfolio oversight services
  • Preparation of estimate budgeting and capital planning
  • Scheduling and coordination of all sub-trades and job timelines
  • Price negotiations with sub-trades and suppliers
  • Assistance with financing, grants and funding applications and negotiating directly with financial institution or lender on behalf of client. 
  • On-site management and supervision


Vickie Joseph, an alumni of the Academy of Arts and Design, is a well-known, talented and brilliant Montreal Designer whose relaxed yet unabashedly glamorous approach to fashion has eased up her journey from clothing to interior design.  Her passion for esthetic cachets is another trademark of hers. 

For Vickie, designing speaks to each and every one of us very differently and active listening, a little imagination, passion and audacity are the key ingredients to transform dreams into reality!  Designers are often said to be mind readers, for Vickie it’s all about focusing on your client’s every word to capture their vision.

Vickie uses 2D/3D renderings and plan layouts, vision boards and clipboards to offer a stunning overview of the project before it’s transformed into reality.

With the right mindset, each idea is just an extension of one’s imagination captured into reality!

Home Improvement Loans

We offer simple, flexible and quick home improvement loans up-to a maximum amount of 25,000.00$ on a 10 year amortisation plan. 

We also offer the differed no interest and no payment option plan. 

Contact us today to apply for an affordable monthly payment loan so you can turn your dreams into reality!

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At Reno-Metrix, our mission is not only devoted to great renovations and great designs; an equally important part of how we define ourselves comes from our devotion to give back to our community. Generosity and philanthropy work are key parts of our corporate strategy.

Notably some of our involvements and financial support include: The building of the new Maison D’Haiti Community Centre, G.R.A.N.H-Monde, ADNS, 1804 Foundation for School preservation and countless other charitable foundations.

“At Reno-Metrix we take pride in being Corporate Givers”. 



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